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How We Operate

Relax in a luxury vacation home in northern wisconsinOwners trust us to turn their second homes into reliable, passive income because we remove the small annoyances that typically riddle travel and renting, allowing guests to be completely seduced by the Northwoods. When a visitor’s biggest worry is whether to mix a sweet or sour Old Fashioned, re-bookings become more of an inevitability than an option.

The rustic-pampering begins the moment a guest lands on our website: they’re able to book online, view pictures of every property and download our EscapeNorth app to explore all of the Northwoods’ activities from one screen. Regardless of the property they book, guests will arrive to an immaculately cleaned home, with supplies and luxuries tailored to their exact expectations (yes, we’ll even unpack their luggage).

Luxury is not limited to our guests; renting with Conger Brokerage Services is as hassle-free as renting from us. We supplement experiential and word-of-mouth marketing with exhaustive online and print campaigns. Showcasing homes through social media, travel websites, local chamber of commerce and direct mail helps our owners get the most rentals at the highest rental rates. Unlike many of our competitors, managing rentals is our full-time job, so clients are assured timely communication, trusted billing and tidy paperwork.

To help deliver the beauty of the Northwoods to families across the U.S., contact us now about renting your vacation home.

 Annual Management FeeAnnual Cash Generated to OwnerAfter Tax Rate of Return (Year 10)Annual Occupancy Rate
Conger Brokerage Services40%$ 15,00016.2%43%
Average Competitor35%$ (3,000)8.2%31%


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