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Are you a registered broker in the state of WI?

Yes. Property management is our full-time job, thus we ensure our business, our owners and our guests are 100% compliant with Wisconsin law. Additionally, it is the law to be a licensed real estate broker in Wisconsin if you want to manage someone’s vacation rental home.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Do you have a trust account that holds the guests’ money?

Absolutely! Property owners should require that their management service uses a trust account before signing a single contract. For the safety of your money, it's extremely important that your property management company has this in place.  Otherwise they may be using advanced payments for your future reservations now to pay their bills.  This is an all too often observed practice which leaves the management company in a poor position to pay you when that future reservation comes around.  In addition, should your management company go out of business - those rents would not be returned to you. 

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

How do you market and advertise my home?

We supplement a multitude of traditional property listing websites with social media, print and direct mail to our proprietary renter list and local, chamber of commerce advertising.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

What type of license, permit and zoning do I need to be able to rent out my home?

It is required to follow all town, village, city, county and state laws in regards to the rental of your vacation home.  Some of these laws include an annual public health and water inspection, room and sales tax permitting, legal zoning of your property to conduct short term rentals of less than 30 days and an accurate septic size based on the number of bedrooms in your vacation home.  We are happy to walk you through the license and permitting process!

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

How do you clean homes before and after rentals?

We use a three-step cleaning process that harnesses the skill of a professional cleaning crew and our own meticulous attention to detail. From beachfront to bathrooms, your home and property will be spotless when guests arrive.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Will guests trash my place?

The general rule is no.  However, you should expect some damage as well as regular wear and tear.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Do you take a damage deposit?

Long gone are the days of requiring a damage deposit.  These additional costs added to your rental rate now discourage your property from being rented compared to a similar property that doesn’t require a damage deposit.  In an effort to market your property as effectively as possible, but still keep it protected, we require an open ended damage deposit in the form of a credit card to cover all damage that is not considered normal wear and tear.  For additional coverage, we offer optional damage insurance which covers the rental for up to $3,000 of accidental damage.  We continue to implement new processes and procedures to ensure your property is kept safe throughout a vacation rental.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Will my home be overcrowded/partying?

Screening each rental is so important to your vacation rental home and our company.  We do our very best to ensure every rental follows the rules and maximum occupancy of the vacation home throughout a stringent set of screening and operational procedures.

How do you maintain my property?

We’ll handle simple fixes and “handy-man” tasks; anything beyond our skill level is contracted out to one of our trusted maintenance partners.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Why is guest insurance so important?

Damage and travel insurance protect your rental home and the guest.  These insurance products are vital to ensuring both the property and renters’ interests are protected, while avoiding poor reviews that can cause considerable financial harm to a vacation rental property.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

How does your guest review process work?

Guest reviews are the life blood of a vacation rental home.  We use an automated review process which strategically calculates when the best time to ask for a review will occur after one’s stay.  Additionally, our company follows up with guests over the phone and via email working to get as many positive reviews as possible.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Is this your full-time job or do you have other businesses you work on?

We want to provide the luxury of a five-star hotel, in the familiarity of a multi-generational home... that requires our full attention, full-time.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Why should we choose your company? What makes you different from other managers?

Passion and service. We have built a remarkably consistent stream of high-end renters by creating an experience that envelops people in the sights and sounds of the Northwoods. We don’t manage properties; we deliver bliss with the scent of a summer bonfire.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

How much can you rent for me especially in the low season?

There is never a guarantee for rental income but we always look for opportunities.  We work to market your vacation rental home to other industries during off-peak times such as business, corporate meetings, ATV and snowmobile organizations, sporting teams, special event participants and sponsors, as well as non-profit organizations.  Additionally, we utilize yield management and dynamic pricing to ensure your vacation home is always getting the best nightly rate based on current market conditions.  Additional property features such as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, fireplace and hot tubs can help to increase those bookings during the low seasons.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Can we keep our own items in the house?

Absolutely!  Please keep in mind that whatever you leave out, your guests will have access to.  We recommend a small number of family photos to personalize your vacation rental home.  If you would like to leave some additional items in the property, but secure from your rental guests, we utilize a locked storage closet within the home.

Northern Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals

Do I need a specific type of insurance to rent my property out?

You will need a commercial insurance policy with standard coverages for a vacation rental home.  We also require certain limits and language within your insurance policy to ensure you are protected against the unexpected.  We would be happy to discuss the insurance you will need with our preferred agent and can also recommend insurance coverage specific to vacation rental homes.